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What does Branson have for military buffs?

Things to Do in Branson, Mo: Veterans Memorial Museum

There are many things to do in Branson, Mo, from taking in a show to fishing. If you are into military history, though, the place to go is the Veterans Memorial Museum. It is truly a veterans' museum, in that it has military memorabilia donated by soldiers. Its range is vast, covering the wars of the 20th century—World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf War.

According to the museum's site, the man behind the museum is Fred Hoppe, whose own father served in World War II. It was hearing the war stories of his father and his fellow veterans that inspired Hoppe to found the museum. Hoppe is an acclaimed bronze sculptor who sculpted the focal piece of the museum—an amazingly life-like 70-foot long bronze sculpture with fifty life-size soldiers running up a coast. The museum's site explains that “a combat soldier from each of the fifty states was used as models for the life-size figures.” These personal touches combined with the fact that the museum holds artifact donated by soldiers and soldiers' families, are just part of the reason why this museum has been named by the Veterans Task Force as one of the "greatest tributes ever completed to honor our country's veterans." So, if you are a military buff, this is a must-see stop on your next visit to Branson.

Does Branson have any good museums?

Things to Do in Branson: Visit the Smithsonian of the Ozarks

Off all the things to do in Branson, one fun stop is at the Ralph Foster Museum, just South of Branson in the town of Point Lookout on the College of the Ozarks campus. According to the museum's site, Ralph Foster was a local radio mogul who founded KWTO and who heavily financed the museum. It has the original 1921 Oldsmobile truck used in The Beverly Hillbillies TV show. It has other unique items as well—a rifle owned by Pancho Villa and the revolver that Morgan Earp was wearing when he was killed. It also holds many Native American artifacts donated by Foster from his extensive personal collection. If you are planning a trip to Branson, don't miss the museum that has earned the moniker the Smithsonian of the Ozarks.

What are some great concerts to go to in Branson?

Branson Attractions: Dick Clark's American Bandstand

Many Branson attractions focus on live music. For a unique music experience, go to Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theatre. It offers a musical journey back in time of the greatest hits of the last few decades all the way through the present. The pre-show includes rare clips of American Bandstand and photos from stars' private collections. The shows are performed by Legends in Concert— impersonators ranging from the Beach Boys to Madonna. The resemblance to the real stars is just uncanny, see for yourself at the performers' page: Better yet, check them out live in person on your next trip to Branson.

What’s a vacation alternative to big theme parks in Branson?

Attractions in Branson, Missouri: Historic Downtown Branson

When people think of attractions in Branson, Missouri, they think of the likes of Silver Dollar City or Whitewater. While these are fun destinations, historic downtown Branson also has a lot to offer visitors. It is situated on the shores of Lake Taneycomo known for trout fishing, so you can spend your day relaxing or fishing at the lake.

As you stroll down Main Street, with its Victorian lamps and old-fashioned storefronts, you have your choice of several retail stores and restaurants to choose from. For history buffs, there is the Branson History Museum and guided or self-guided historic walking tours with nineteen historic stops. You can also take the free historic trolleys through downtown Branson. For a bit of railroad history, you can go to the historic railroad depot on Main Street to take the Branson Scenic Railway for a jaunt to the countryside, enjoying its authentic 1950s luxury passenger cars. So, if you want an alternative to the ever popular theme parks in the Branson area, don't forget the historic Branson for its nature, history and charm!

What does Silver Dollar City have to offer?

Attractions in Branson: Silver Dollar City

Of the many attractions in Branson, Missouri, Silver Dollar City ranks as a must see destination. This pioneer village theme park built in the Ozark Mountains offers a glimpse into how people lived in this area a century ago. While it has many exciting rides to be expected of a large theme park, it has unique attractions that make it a regional favorite for tourists and locals alike. It has demonstrating craftsmen including a silversmith, a blacksmith, a candle maker and a taffy maker. It also boasts a culinary and crafts school where you can learn to make foods and crafts unique to the heartland. It has over sixty specialty shops to buy unique items like apple butter or lye soap. Between watching the craftsmen hand-make everything from candles to candy and browsing for unique gifts in the specialty shops, you will really feel like you took a trip back in time!

What are homes in Branson going for currently?

Branson, Missouri Real Estate for Sale

If you're looking for Branson MO real estate for sale, you'll be paying a lot less today than in the booming mid-2000s. That's according to Yahoo Real Estate, which also states that while there are no new homes—or at lest no new home data currently available—currently on the market for sale, there are 569 used homes currently on the market with a median price of $174,900. So, with prices having dropped 3% recently, now may be the time to buy your piece of Branson real estate.

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