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Living in Branson, Missouri

Living in Branson, Missouri is not just about the live music shows. There are also ample opportunities to enjoy the area's beautiful nature. A new marina recently opened on Table Rock Lake. CreekSide Marina has party barge, deck boat, jet ski, and ski boat rentals. The 25-foot party barge can hold up to 12 people, the 22-foot deck boat can hold up to 10 people, and the ski boat can hold up to eight people. Branson is known for its entertainment venues, but don't forget about the amazing Ozark Mountains and the beautiful lakes. So, if you are considering moving to the Branson area, you can partake in fun-filled nature and water activities just as often as taking in a show.


Living in Branson, MO

Living in Branson, MO means having access to an endless stream of entertainment venues. Just one of these attractions is a world unto itself, with so many activities that you'll never get bored. Silver Dollar City is famous for its rides, its specialty shops, and its craftsmen who create traditional Ozark crafts on-site. It also has various festivals throughout the year, so there is something to appeal to all ages and tastes. There is the National KidsFest, WorldFest, Bluegrass & BBQ, Southern Gospel Picnic, National Harvest Festival, and an Old Time Christmas Festival. This is just a sampling of the festivals currently planned. With new festivals introduced each year and existing festivals constantly being improved, the fun never stops in Branson.


Living in Missouri

Living in Missouri means being surrounded by reminders of our nation's history. Just outside of Branson, in the middle of the Ozarks, is Wilson's Creek National Battlefield, the site of the first major battle of the Civil War west of the Mississippi. This park is where the first Union General was killed in combat, Nathaniel Lyon. The battle here involved over 17,000 soldiers and ended with a win for the Confederates.

Visitors to this park pay a nominal fee for entrance and can either drive through the battlefield or park to explore it by foot. You can explore the museum, trails, and old homes that were used as makeshift hospitals during the battle. Another attraction is Bloody Hill, where part of the battle took place. Once a year in August there is also a two day event when a reenactment of the battle takes place.


Life in Missouri

Life in Missouri is not only about the wide array of live shows. There are many places to enjoy the gorgeous nature of this region. If you live in Branson, Missouri, then you have access to many national and city parks. There is the Busiek State Forest with over 2,500 acres to explore. It has free campsites and a shooting range. There is also a stream, Woods Fork Creek, and of course a lush, dense forest. The trails lead to beautiful hilltop views of the Ozark Mountains and its valleys. These trails are perfect for hiking and mountain biking and are even wide enough for horseback riding. History buffs as well as nature lovers will love this park. It has a cemetery (although headstones are no longer legible) that date back to the Civil War. This Branson area treasure is open year-round and is free to the public.


Branson Active Adult Community

One exceptional Branson active adult community is Branson Creek. Branson Creek is a planned mega-community comprised of individual neighborhoods offering myriad choices in homes and condos to purchase. With its championship Branson Creek Golf Club, the Murder Rock Golf & Country Club, and the clubhouse with a Pro Shop, tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness facilities, there really is something for everyone here. There are biking trails, nature trails, walking trails, a gorgeous lake, and a spa for post-adventure relaxation. It is also home to a thriving, dynamic retirement community and may be just the right place for you to retire.


Missouri Life

There are many fine things that make Missouri life the good life. Branson, in particular, is a great city in which to relocate or retire. If you are looking for a mild climate, beautiful scenery, and lots of culture, then Branson may be for you. People who live in Branson also enjoy a low crime rate, good hospitals, a clean and safe downtown, and a low cost of living. And don't forget the famous Branson entertainment and the city's employment and educational opportunities.

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