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MO Real Estate Laws

MO real estate laws, like many other states' real estate laws, require the seller of a home to complete a real estate disclosure statement at the time that they transfer title of their home to the buyer. While you are always supposed to read the fine print with any major purchase, few do. If ever there is a time to do so, it is when you buy a home. The disclosure will have material defects listed, structural issues like roofing, any easement or encroachments will be outlined here and any environmental hazards or zoning violations will be included as well. This is also where any lawsuits or citations against the property must be disclosed. If anything on the disclosure is not consistent with your vision of home ownership, consult with your real estate agent before proceeding. There are many times in your life that you will sign something with not so much looking at the fine print. This is not one of the times to do that.


Missouri Real Estate Laws

Missouri real estate laws concerning easements are similar to many other states. An easement is essentially a “use” of your land—utility, water and sewer companies all need to have access and use of a part of your property to perform their services. These are called easements in gross. Easements by prescription become easements when their use goes unchallenged by the property owner for a period of time specified under the law. This varies by state, with the law generally being anywhere from 10-20 years. Under Missouri law, it is 10 years. Before buying property in Missouri, check into the local and state laws that will affect your purchase.


Missouri Real Estate Listings

With so many Missouri real estate listings, it can be confusing to know where to start. The last thing you want to do is waste time going from open house to open house and end up disappointed that they are nothing like they were advertised. You can narrow down your listings search by going directly to the website of condo developments or residential communities you are interested in. There are many master-planned residential communities and condo developments to choose from, ranging from rustic cabins to luxury condos. There are homes nestled in the Ozarks and condos with lakefront views. Best of all, many go into greater detail than a website that just throws together a long list of properties. They also often have “virtual tours” on their site, meaning a video or photo collage that shows the entire property or condo. Having detailed information like this will greatly reduce your frustration in house hunting and greatly increase the likelihood that you find your dream property.


Missouri Real Estate Listing

If you're searching for the perfect Missouri real estate listing that will lead you to your dream home or dream vacation property, there are many online sources you can try. You can go to the Branson branch of major national realtors, like RE/MAX, Century 21, Coldwell Bankers or others. The benefit of this is that you will be going through an established realty company with a solid national reputation, which will ensure you find your perfect Missouri real estate listing.


Missouri Real Estate Law

Now that you've found your piece of paradise in Missouri, the first thing you probably want to do is change it, just a bit. Missouri real estate law, like many locales, requires proper permits for remodeling. That means you have to consider the local zoning laws vis-à-vis distance between buildings and property lines, the height of buildings and other details. So, before finalizing your property purchase, be sure it is what you want as-is, and if it's not, be prepared for some paperwork before remodeling work can be done.

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