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Golf in Missouri

For some of the best in golf in Missouri, don't miss Rivercut Golf Course in Springfield, Missouri. It's an award-winning 7,000-yard, par-72 course. While expert golfers will surely want to get right to playing on the beautiful yet challenging tree-lined course with rolling hills and several water features, amateurs may want some practice first. They can do so at the on-site Rick Grayson golf school which features a practice area to polish your skills before hitting the links. All of this in a beautiful natural setting makes Rivercut Golf Course a top golfing destination in Missouri.


Branson Golf Club

For a Branson golf club in a beautiful setting, tee off at the Fisher Creek Country Club, part of a luxury resort on Table Rock Lake. Fisher Creek has a 9-hole golf course with gently rolling hills and challenging greens. This almost-private course offers club rental, cart rental, a pro shop and a bar complete with big screen TV and a deck. While it is a great destination for golfing on a course with beautiful scenery, it also is a great place for lodging and relaxing. Its luxury lodging includes cottages ranging in size from one-bedroom to four-bedrooms. For relaxing, a spa and a café are set to open sometime in 2009. For a truly all-inclusive vacation, stay at Fisher Creek Inn where you can also enjoy golfing on-site at Fisher Creek Country Club.


Golf Courses in Branson

For one of the best golf courses in Branson, you owe it to yourself to visit the award-winning Branson Creek Golf Club. It has received several accolades, including being rated #1 by both Golf Magazine and Golf Digest as one of the top public golf courses in Missouri. It also made Golf Digest's list of “Top 100 Greatest Public Golf Courses in America.” It is widely recognized not only as a top golf destination in Branson but also for most of the Midwest region. The course itself is challenging, with a Par 71 championship layout and five sets of tees. All of this with gorgeous views of the Ozark Mountains as your backdrop as you play.


Branson Golf Courses

Unlike many other Branson golf courses, Thousand Hills Golf Resort is located in the center of the city. This challenging course is a Golf Digest award winner. It has new Yamaha golf carts to zip you along its Zoysia fairways with Crenshaw Bentgrass greens. It is an 18-hole resort course, par 64. It has one par five hole, eight par four holes and nine par three holes. With a golf pro on staff, rental clubs and a clubhouse, it has everything on-site that a golfer needs. The club house also has meeting facilities and a snack bar. For an award-winning golf course in the heart of the city, consider booking your tee time at Thousand Hills Golf Resort for your next trip to Branson.


Golf Course in Branson, Missouri

There is only one private golf course in Branson, Missouri and that is LedgeStone. According to LedgeStone's site, Golf Digest has lauded it as a “masterpiece of mountain golf architecture.” It has breathtaking views of the Ozark Mountains from any vista point of its 18-hole championship layout. It features bent grass greens and tree-lined Zoysia fairways.

While the entire course is noteworthy, it has become known for its 15th hole's recognition as a Par 3. The club house is just as special as the course, with The Grille, a daytime bar and grill. The club house also features a pro shop and a meeting space suitable for events hosted by anyone from families to corporations. For a beautiful golf course in Branson with breathtakingly beautiful views, consider golfing at LedgeStone on your next visit to Branson.

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