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Branson Properties

There are many Branson properties to sift through as you search for the perfect one for you. When so many of them are similar in features and style, it can be hard to find one that really speaks to you personally. And a home is nothing if not a personal expression of who we are, right?

One particularly unique development that does stand out is the Oak Knoll at Branson Creek. This new development is comprised exclusively of custom-built, signature homes tailored personally to each buyer. The development is in a beautiful setting, nestled in a wooded neighborhood near the Branson Creek Golf Course. Enjoy the beauty of this natural setting in your custom-home, tailored to your needs and desires, all while being in close proximity to all that exciting Branson has to offer.


Branson Property

Your prime piece of Branson property is waiting for you, with a gorgeous view of the Ozarks. The amazing homes at the Fieldstone Villas are built into the ridges overlooking the Ozarks, affording you a beautiful view of the mountains from anywhere in your home or property here. The development has been designed in the fashion of a village in Tuscany, with arched doorways and awnings, among other special touches. This is an upscale development for those looking for the finest, luxury homes. For a property with Italian charm and flair nestled in the Ozarks, consider a home at the Fieldstone Villas.


Ozarks Real Estate

Are you dreaming of finding your piece of Ozarks real estate? Well, a new development may be the answer to your dreams. Nestled in the Ozarks, The Estates at Oak Knoll is adjacent to the Branson Creek Golf Course, closest to the 12th hole of the course, to be exact. It is a secure, gated community on lots ranging from one-half acre to five acres. It offers the best of both worlds—you're right in the midst of the beautiful Ozarks yet are close to prime Branson attractions, dining and shopping. It is truly a respite from the urban bustle, a place where you could see larks in the morning and deer at dusk. Best of all, there are still lots available, allowing you the opportunity to custom build your piece of paradise in the Ozarks.

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