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Missouri Weather Conditions

If you want to keep up with the latest Missouri weather conditions, particularly in the Springfield area, check out the National Weather Service's newsletter on the region. This recently launched newsletter, Ozarks Weather Observer, has up-to-date weather information and is easy to get. You can access it online from the National Weather Service website, It covers important topics to make local residents weather savvy. It discusses being prepared for severe weather, flood safety awareness, wildfire danger and weather safety, all tailored to the specific weather issues of the Ozark region.


Weather in Branson, Missouri

There's a reason there are so many championship golf courses in the Branson, Missouri area—the weather. The weather in Branson, Missouri is perfect for golf playing. With a mild year-round climate, you can golf most any day of the year. The Weather Channel ranks cities by golf conditions based on the weather on any given day. The golf conditions ranking is based on weather criteria that can impede a golfer's game. These include extreme temperatures, high winds, high dew points, low visibilities and precipitation. On the golf conditions scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being an excellent day for golfing, Branson has ranked 8 to 10 for the past two weeks. With odds like that, it may be time you headed to Branson for a golf vacation.


Weather in Missouri

Most of the time, weather in Missouri is not very noteworthy. That is with the exception of the earthquake that ranked higher on the Richter Scale than any other earthquake in U.S. history. Surprised? Most people are shocked to hear that the most powerful quake in America occurred not in California but in Missouri. The 1812 earthquake centered in New Madrid, Missouri registered 8.0 on the Richter Scale. It was so powerful it made the Mississippi River run backwards for three days and caused church bells to ring as far away as Philadelphia. For a place known for mild weather, this was certainly one peculiarity.


Branson, Missouri Weather

Branson, Missouri weather tends to be moderate. However, like most places, it does experience extreme temperatures from time to time. According to the Weather Channel, the lowest ever recorded temperature in Branson was -19° back in 1951. The 1950s proved to be an odd decade for weather in Branson. The highest ever recorded temperature in Branson was set in 1954 at 116°. Don't let these extremes scare you away from visiting or even moving to Branson, though. The city generally enjoys mild climates.


Branson, Missouri Climate

If you are considering a move to Branson, you may want to know what weather to expect. The Branson, Missouri climate is generally mild. Statistics from the Weather Channel indicate that the warmest month in Branson is July, with the average temperature hovering around 90°. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature around 45°. Overall, Branson enjoys a mild, pleasant climate year-round, which is a major draw for tourists and residents alike.

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