MO Real Estate Laws

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MO Real Estate Laws

MO real estate laws, like many other states' real estate laws, require the seller of a home to complete a real estate disclosure statement at the time that they transfer title of their home to the buyer. While you are always supposed to read the fine print with any major purchase, few do. If ever there is a time to do so, it is when you buy a home. The disclosure will have material defects listed, structural issues like roofing, any easement or encroachments will be outlined here and any environmental hazards or zoning violations will be included as well. This is also where any lawsuits or citations against the property must be disclosed. If anything on the disclosure is not consistent with your vision of home ownership, consult with your real estate agent before proceeding. There are many times in your life that you will sign something with not so much looking at the fine print. This is not one of the times to do that.



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