Branson Area Attractions: Shepherd of the Hills

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What’s a must-see Branson area attraction?

Branson Area Attractions: Shepherd of the Hills

No trip to Branson, Missouri would be complete without taking in a show at The Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and Outdoor Theatre. It was founded by Harold Bell Wright who wrote the novel The Shepherd of the Hills. According to the Branson Chamber of Commerce, this is the birthplace of Branson tourism, where it all started back in 1907.

Every May through October, tourists and locals alike come for the outdoor play that brings the novel to life. According to the theatre's site, putting on the play requires “over 80 actors and actresses, 40 horses, a flock of sheep, several guns and rifles, an actual burning log cabin and a vintage 1908 DeWitt automobile.” It's so popular that those who grew up watching it return with their own families to share it with the next generation. So, if you are going to Branson and looking for Branson MO real estate for sale, don't forget to see the play that sparked the booming tourism business Branson has today.



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